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Getting it together!

What made you come and read this? Is something slightly not in order? Is something gnawing at you? Are things being pulled from the seams and needs to be made whole again? Get it together YOU! Getting life in order requires a shift in mindset. You can’t just will something to happen- you must believe and intentionally change your actions to this new belief. It's retraining your mind to do the things that you now want to do, for a better outcome. For example: when children are taught the phonetic sound of the Alphabetic letters, the caregivers repeat this until they learn it. They incorporate foods and highlight the starting letters while linking them subtly to their everyday life. They...

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Keeping A Gratitude Journal

The importance of gratitude If we sit down and take an audit of our lives, we can list off pages of everything we take for granted. We're not thankful for much anymore. We, as a society, used to show appreciation for the smallest of things. Now, we've been conditioned to believe we need grand gestures for someone to deserve a "thank you" for something they've done for us or have given us. Some people go their entire lives with the most grateful of dispositions. Every small thing makes them emotional, and they reciprocate with truly gracious thanks. Those are the types of people we need to emulate in our lives, but how do we do it? We can become more...

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